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Los mejores restaurantes de Madrid.

The best restaurants of 2014

As he has done in previous years, the Bloguer Carlos Maribona has listed on his blog Salsa de Chile those restaurants he considers were the best in Madrid during 2014. The 10 first restaurantes of his list were: Read his complete entrance (in spanish) and if you write down the...
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Iberian Ham

Buying Iberian Ham In Spain

One of the many products beloved by Spaniards and foreigners alike is the Iberian ham. When going to a deli or market to buy Iberian ham, one can often get lost in the variety of types or cuts. Here are a couple of tips that should guarantee that you’re buying a high quality...
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vinos de españa

Spanish wine types

Unlike the U.S. where a wine is ordered referring to the grape that it’s made from (a glass of Merlot, Pinot Noir, Shiraz or Cabernet), in Spain the wine region where it’s produced is the way too distinguish wine types. If one asks for a glass of “tinto” or red wine in a bar, one...
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Ribera del Guadiana

The Ribera Del Guadiana Wine Region

The Ribera Del Guadiana wine region is located in Extremadura and it’s the second largest wine region in Spain. Its name comes from the river Guadiana that crosses its vineyards from east to west. Wines from this Denominación de Origen have had a quality jump the last couple of...
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The Toro Wine Region

The vineyards of the Toro wine region are located on the shores of the Duero river in the Zamora and Valladolid provinces. Its name comes from the city of Toro wich lies at the center of this Denominacion de Origen. The most common grape of the región is the Tinta de Toro, a...
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Olives and oil

Spain is the world’s top producer of olive oil. Depending on the type of olive used the oil will have a different flavor. Some of the olive types found in Spain are: Picual or Marteña: From the town of Martos in the southern province of Jaén. 50% of the Spanish olive oil...
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Some wine labels that we could recommend from Ribeira Sacra are: Lalama, Licis and Régoa.

The Ribeira Sacra Wine Region

Located in the banks of the Miño and Sil rivers in Galicia, the Ribeira Sacra vineyards lie in steep valleys and cliffs, therefore making it really hard to collect its grapes during harvest. The wines produced in this Denominación de Origen use native grapes such as Albariño and...
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